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Tips To prevent House fires

Roughly 50% of house fires start in the laundry room or with the furnace. It's important to clean your vent line on a regular basis however most of the time the fires start in the dryer it's self. Lint gets built up in the dryer housing between the lint trap & the vent line and can cause a dangerous house fire very quickly. To better protect your self from this risk you should schedule regular Dryer & Dryer Vent Cleaning. Shamrock Appliance Repair sets its self apart from the rest by being the only company in Columbus that provides both dryer vent & dryer housing cleaning.

This customer was Lucky enough to stop this

dryer fire befor it got out of hand

These types of fires can escalate very quickly

Helpful tips for spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is fast approaching and we have some fast & easy suggestions to help keep your refrigerator running smoothly. On the first worm day of the year there are often many refrigerators that have over heating and compressor problems. This can easily be avoided by vacuuming under your frig. There are condenser coils at the bottom and their job is to keep the compressor from getting too hot. If lint or dust gets built up & stuck to them they can over heat and cause a pricey repair call. 

Helpful tips for electrical & ice storms

when you know a storm is approaching and it has the potential to knock out the power even for a moment make sure to unplug all unnecessary appliances. Most newer appliances run off control boards and lousing electricity can cause a power surge. This can damage your control board & cost you a very inconvenient service call. 

Without a surge protector your home is at risk

This repair can cost you or even total you machine

Helpful tips for leaving on vacation.

If your planing one taking a trip make sure to turn off your ice maker before you go. Although most ice maker's come with a safety switch that stops the ice from over flowing, It's not foolproof. Many people forget to do this and end up with a frozen mess in there freezer. Avoid the unnecessary service call & turn it off before you go. 

Helpful tips for front load washers.

Although front load washers have there benefits there is one frustrating issue you have to deal with. The front rubber gasket always ends up getting moldy. There are was to prevent the mold from taking over too fast.  Always leave the door open when not in use to let is dry out. Once or twice a month run a wash cycle with white vinegar in the detergent dispenser. Unfortunately About every 5 years the gasket will need to be replaced to help your machine last as long as passable. 

Have a wonderful day & stay safe out there.